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Understanding Rspec Test Doubles

For a while, I have not understood what rspec test doubles do, or why you’d use them. I recently came to understand their usage and function, and thought I’d share.

11 Lessons From a Codebase

I’ve been fixing up the codebase of a rails app for a few months now. It was written by some smart folks, so I wanted to share some of the philosophies and design patterns they utilized.

The Difference Between Savant and Opinionated

Steve didn’t like the status bar and didn’t see the need for it. “Who looks at URLs when you hover your mouse over a link?” He thought it was just too geeky.

Important to remember that how you approach something is not the same way others approach it. Good software has an adjustable grip, whereas poor software assumes all users are the same.

NYT: The Boys in the Bunkhouse

Henry’s Turkey Service, which was paid directly by the plant for the men’s labor, was capitalizing on a section of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 that allows certified employers to pay a subminimum wage to workers with a disability , based on their productivity when compared with that of nondisabled workers.

The company also deducted hundreds of dollars from the men’s earnings and Social Security benefits for room and board — and “in-kind” services, like bowling, dining out and annual visits to an amusement park. The rest was deposited in individual bank accounts in Goldthwaite that the company dipped into to pay for incidentals and medical costs, since the men had no health insurance or Medicaid in Iowa.

Will never forget that this not only happened in America and not a third world country; but in our society, in our time.